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Vortex separator

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The vortex separator uses a certain pressure to inject the liquid containing particulate impurities from the inlet into the cone at a high speed along the tangential direction, so that the liquid generates an external vortex in the cone, and the solid particles in the liquid are thrown to the inner wall of the cone under the action of centrifugal force. Driven by gravity and liquid, it is discharged from the bottom flow port along the inner wall. The separated clean liquid reaches the bottom of the cone and then spirals up along the axis of the cone to form an internal vortex, which is discharged from the outlet of the vortex separator, so as to achieve dirty The separation of liquid and clean liquid has high separation accuracy and can separate 98% of the particles over 30um.

Vortex separator is mainly used to separate tiny particles in liquid, suitable for separating particles in high-speed grinding, strong grinding, general finishing coolant and low-viscosity oil-based coolant. The cleaned coolant can increase the life and reliability of the tool, improve the machining quality of the parts, and also prevent the coolant from deteriorating and prolong its service life.

Vortex separators can be used in parallel to increase the flow, and can also be used in series to improve the filtration precision.

Note: The pressure selection range of the lift pump is 1.5-2.5bar. Please install a ball valve and a pressure gauge at the inlet of the vortex separator to control the coolant pressure.

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