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Oil-water separation device

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This device is composed of a gear motor, a sticky oil belt, a driving shaft, a driven shaft, an oil scraper, a casing, an oil collecting box, etc. The geared motor drives the driving shaft to drive the driven shaft to rotate through the viscous oil belt. Using the difference in the physical affinity of the viscous oil belt immersed in the oil-liquid mixing area to the water-based coolant and the floating oil, the floating oil can be mixed from the oil. The area sticks up and is scraped into the oil collecting box by the oil scraper.

This device is mainly used for wet processing to remove the floating oil in the coolant tank. It has the characteristics of small footprint, durable, stable and reliable operation. It has strong adaptability to the level of oil slick and the fluctuation of the liquid level. The biggest feature of this device is the large amount of oil removal and fast speed.

Note: When the user purchases and installs separately, it should be installed in a relatively calm area of ​​the liquid level.

Product patent number: ZL 2008 2 0233621.4

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